Woman wearing glasses after an examination with an optometrist in Calgary SW

Examinations with an Optometrist in Calgary SW

The health of your eyes is not simply on the surface. As an optometrist in Calgary SW, Focus West offers comprehensive eye health exams to rule out any health issues, even when you have no symptoms. Alberta Health and Wellness now also covers for any medically necessary exams which includes but is not limited to red eye treatments, eye infection treatments and diabetes health checks.

Pediatric Eye Exams
Our optometrists recommend that children have an eye exam before the age of three to ensure that your child's vision is developing optimally. Because we know younger children may not know their alphabet, we use visual tests like pictures and shapes to assess their eye health. These tests can also be like a game for your child, helping put them at ease.

Visual Field Exams
Many eye diseases like glaucoma and retinitis pigmentosa affect peripheral vision much sooner than central vision. By performing routine visual field testing, we can diagnosis these issues earlier and start treatment quickly. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.