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Seniors and Visions Health

Just as our physical strength decreases with age, our eyes also exhibit an age-related decline in performance - particularly as we reach our 60s and beyond. Some age-related eye changes are perfectly normal, but others may signal a disease process. Presbyopia, age-related loss of near focusing ability, usually becomes a problem as early as your 40s, requiring new vision correction solutions. Learn more through the Health Canada aging vision care section.

Sun Damage to Your Eyes

Sunglasses are important to eliminating glare, which keeps you safe on the road while also reducing overall eye strain and discomfort. Prescription sunglasses can be a great way for those with poor eyesight to ensure clear and comfortable vision when enjoying the outdoors or driving during a sunny day. Find out more about sun damage through the Health Canada website.

Laser Eye Surgery

Are you tired of your glasses or contact lenses? Modern technology allows for several surgical methods to correct your eyesight. In most cases, these treatments allow you to see well without any corrective lenses. Health Canada has more information on your laser eye surgery options or you can call our office.

Children’s Eye Care

Many parents don't realize how proper vision helps their children learn efficiently and comfortably. Children struggling to clearly read books and see the chalkboard can develop a variety of vision problems including poor reading comprehension, letter and word reversals, difficulty shifting focus from near to far away and continual eye strain. Customized, individualized vision therapy programs are available to treat non-refractive vision problems in children. Learn more about what you can do to improve your children’s vision.


A very common condition, astigmatism is actually not an eye disease. It is simply a blurriness of vision due to an irregularly shaped cornea or lens. Most astigmatism can be treated with glasses or contact lenses, but because this often develops during childhood, the patient might not even realize their vision is distorted. This is just one reason to keep up with your annual optometry appointments. Find out more about astigmatism through the CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind).


In a similar way to a camera lens, the eye’s natural lens behind the iris and pupil needs to be clear in order to see properly. Cataracts happen when your eye’s lens becomes cloudy due to the clumping of your natural protein. This is common in patients over 55, but cataracts can also happen to infants and those with traumatic eye injuries or diabetes. Learn more through the CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind).


Glaucoma is the name for several eye disorders connected to irregular internal eye pressure. This can damage the nerve that sends information from your eye to your brain, leading to partial or full blindness. Glaucoma patients often don’t notice discomfort or other symptoms until the damage to the optic nerve is already done. It is crucial for you to make your routine eye exam so our team can properly test your intraocular pressure. Treating glaucoma early can be the difference between saving or losing your vision. Check out CNIB for more information on glaucoma.

Vision Insurance

A rigid contact lens holds its shape much better and can better correct vision for certain people. These lenses are not used commonly anymore but they can be custom fit to almost any eye shape.

While it doesn’t take care of all vision health costs, Canadian vision insurance allows you to receive routine eye exams, necessary prescriptions and various other optometry services at a more affordable rate.

If you have any other questions about your eye health, please call us or check out these helpful resources:


We offer designer frames and lenses to complement any style.

Contact Lenses

We have a comprehensive and affordable contact lens program.


Test your vision and rule out possible health issues with an eye exam.

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